Come join us at our new indoor facility called the Knight Auction Center, where you could check off the next thing on your want list! Not only do we hold auctions in our Knight Auction Center, but we also host On-Site Auctions.

How Our Auctions Work

Type of Auctions

1) On site auction– I call this the “Old Fashioned Way” ! We come to your place and have the auction right on site. We do all of the set up, selling , clerking and collecting . Rates are determined by the dollar volume of your sale . This process starts with us coming out to look at your items , then we can get firm on all of the details.

2) Sales at our building. Here we will have multiple owners on most days. Buyers are seated and the building is heated and air conditioned. Another plus is that these sales live online bidding is available. Parking and weather are also less of an issue. Our commission rates at the building are by each individual piece and what they bring;
items selling for less than $5 the rate is 50%, items selling from $5 to $999 are 22%, items selling for more than $1,000 are 13% and finally items above $5,000 are 10%. All advertising cost are included in those rates. We have a local company that does pick ups and the charge for that can be deducted from your sale proceeds.

3) On Line Only auctions– there is no live bidding on these sales. Items are posted online and the auction is timed . Rates on these sells are the same as our building rates.

Join one of our online auctions and start bidding online right now!

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